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Our Mission

Our hope for our academy is to build a community of like-minded people offering quality inclusive learning with enriching content and a range of engaging resources.

We want to continuously support our students with ongoing commitment, professional development, coaching and mentoring collaboration that is responsive to student voice and continuing improvement.


Our Vision

Our vision is to empower our students both personally and professionally to contribute to a global movement to practice the core values of our academy of respect, integrity, inclusion and excellence.

In today’s dynamic world, we must constantly be in pursuit of new knowledge and skills in order to ensure our success.

IAHCM is a top Online Course that provides just that. Our highly skilled instructors employ their extensive professional expertise to teach winning strategies that put students on the fast track to proficiency.

Meditation by the Sea

Sharon Hull

We all have a unique story about our lives and I will keep this simple. I have always had an interest in all things magical, spiritual and unexplainable.  

Soul evolution is my passion and helping others realise and recognise their own personal gifts.  I realised from a very early age that I was born to be a healer but like us all there are many roads to travel in this lifetime before we reach that final destination.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, psych K practitioner, Meditation teacher, RTT Therapist